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Latest R35 News :

An exclusive photo of the new R35 Skyline model has been released, shown above, which shows the new Skyline shape of which the GTR may emulate. This four door saloon version, which is currently available in Japan, sports a NisMo bodykit and a 300 bhp engine, yet doesn’t really continue with the image of the current R34 series, and has been likened to a Rover 75 or Jaguar S Type.

No one actually knows whether the GTR version will use a similar chassis or bodyshell, but the designers at Nissan will have to radically change the GTR from the new Skyline version, if they want the GTR to sell.

710 Hp Toyota Supra :

Some people don’t like to ask the obvious questions. I, however, often look humility in the face. I realise some questions can sound dumb, with an answer so obvious that you look like a complete fool for merely asking the question, much less knowing the answer.